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Frontline May/Jun 2016 – Out To Lunch

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Enterprise Award 2015 – WB News

Coffee Hive – Coffee Toast Food

Sick of queueing at crowded coffee shops to eat sub-standard local food and drink sub-standard local coffee? Coffee Hive serves decadent Singapore-style fusion food and tasty traditional-style coffee at affordable prices, and in a homely contemporary cafe setting. Coffee Hive’s…

6 Places in the CBD Where You Can Have Lunch For Less Than $10

If you’re working in the CBD area around Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar, you’d better hope you’re getting paid a lot. Because it’s not cheap to exist in the land of the suits, especially if your own suit came from…

10 Singapore CBD Places For Lunch $7 and Below

In the painstakingly expensive business district, where money rolls in for the high flyers and the rest of us are just trying to find our way about the financial ladder, budgeting is crucial, especially when it comes to lunch. Just…

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